Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable for all reservations and are issued with the booking confirmation email.

By making a booking, you are entering into an agreement between you as the tenant and the owner of the holiday home (“homeowner”). “VillaSpace” acts as the intermediary of the homeowner and shall be only liable as such. Where reference is made in these booking conditions to “VillaSpace” taking an action, that action is taken on behalf of the homeowner. The booking of holiday homes shall always be subject to these booking conditions and the rental voucher, which form the rental agreement between you and the homeowner. Any amendments to the rental agreement shall only be valid if they appear in writing. If you choose to buy any additional services or products from the homeowner, or should you be provided with any additional services or products not included in the rental agreement, such as tickets to a waterpark or an amusement park or similar, these additional services or products will represent a separate agreement between you and the owner of the holiday home or the facilitator of the service/product. Preamble Prior to the start of the tenant’s stay in the holiday home, the tenant will receive rental documents containing travel directions and instructions on how to find the keys to the holiday home. On the day of the booking of the holiday home the lead tenant must be at least 18 years old. For travelling parties consisting of youth groups, the tenant of the holiday home must be 21 years old on the day the holiday home is booked.


In order to confirm your booking we require a booking deposit. This payment will be arranged by credit card. We cannot guarantee any reservation until the booking fee is received. Complete payments and due dates will be specified in your confirmation email.

Booking Deposit:

If cancelled or modified or in case of no-show a 30 percent of the total price of the reservation will be charged. In the event that the unit becomes unavailable during the rental period and in the event that you do not accept any suitable alternative unit which is offered to you then you are entitled to cancel the booking and the booking fee will be refunded to you, but neither the owner or the company will be liable to you for any further amounts in respect of the cancellation of the booking.

Balance Payment:

The balance of your holiday must be paid at the latest on the day of arrival in cash or by credit card. Payments in advance available on request. Deferred payments can be arranged at our discretion, however all payments must be paid by the set date. We reserve the right to withdraw this option at anytime. Non Payment of the final balance when it becomes due will constitute cancellation of the holiday & forfeiture of the deposit payment.

Costs include:

Free WiFi Internet Connection. All properties have a cot and a high chair available without extra costs. Bed clothes and bath towels are always included. Bed clothes and bath towels replaced once per week. Please check individual property descriptions.

Damage deposit:

The deposit for damages to the property or losses of inventory shall be refunded to you upon departure or by bank transfer within 7 working days of your departure, once we verify that the property and inventory are in the same state as delivered upon your arrival. Should damages or losses occur, we will deduce the necessary amount. In such case, you will receive a detailed receipt of the expenses.


The guest will be charged 30% of the total reservation price if the cancellation or modification is made once the reservation is confirmed.


We are taking 2 exceptional measures for stays affected by Corona virus / COVID-19 restrictions, which are FREE of charge:


Modifications made for future dates, equivalent in season and / or rental price are FREE of charge. No reductions will be made in the price of the current reservation in case of choosing cheaper alternative dates. In case of choosing alternative dates with a higher price, the guest will pay the difference on the day of arrival.


The guest will be entitled to a voucher equal to the total amount already paid, which can be used to book a future stay at the same property booked, once the global situation that we are currently suffering has dissipated.

Exceptional measures will apply in the event of inability to travel due to border closures or the obligation to quarantine all travelers returning from Spain, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. In the event that there is only a recommendation not to travel or the obligation to carry out a quarantine for unvaccinated people (by personal decision or according to schedule), the exceptional measures will not be applicable and the cancellation conditions in force according to the contract will be maintained.


We recommend that you purchase insurance to minimise the financial risks associated with going on holiday and this matches your needs when Booking.

Check-in and check-out time:

Each unit has a specific check-in and check-out time which will be specified after reservation is confirmed. Make sure you let us know your check-in hour otherwise delays may occur especially in high season (June, July and august).


Keys will be either available from a key safe located at the Property, details will be given upon receipt of the final payment, or if a ‘Meet & greet’ has been arranged, the keys will be handed over at this time. Please ring +34 699 066 235, just before leaving the airport of Palma de Mallorca on your arrival, so that we can arrange a person to meet you. If for any reason you are delayed please inform us as soon as possible, so that alternative arrangement can be made. We will then show you into your accommodation.

Sustainable Tourism Tax:

Since July 1st 2016, the Tax for Sustainable Tourism is levied on all overnight stays in tourist accommodations on the Balearic Islands. The Sustainable Tourist Tax should be paid in CASH on day of arrival by guests older than 16 years. Further info on www.caib.es/sites/impostturisme/en/tax/.

Data Transmission of Travellers:

It is UTMOST IMPORTANT to fill up the guest information on day of arrival. According to Organic Law 4/2015, it is obliged to identify all travelers and to draw up a Traveler Record Book. By clicking the following link you find further information about the data transmission of travellers to the authorities: www.illeslex.com/en/data-trasmission-of-travellers-to-the-police-or-the-spanish-military-police-guardia-civil-/

Guests number:

Occupation must be limited to the maximum number of persons agreed and paid (extra charges may apply for larger groups for the preparation and bedding and linen provided for them).


Unless otherwise stated in writing, the holiday price will include all charges for water, gas and electricity. Guests must comply with reasonable usage and may be charged if excessive energy is consumed during their stay (i.e. Excessive electricity fee if leaving air conditioning run with doors and windows open).


While certains units may accept small pets, it’s only with the condition that they are not allowed on the furniture, and especially the beds, nor left unattended in the Unit. There must be no evidence that a pet has been at the property upon departure.

Electrical Appliances:

In the event an appliance breaks down please inform us immediately and it will be repaired as soon as possible. We will not pay compensation in such circumstances.

Guest Obligations:

The Guest undertakes to keep the Unit and all the furniture, fixtures and effects in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the booking period (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and shall pay to the Company or Owners the value of any part of the Unit, furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects so destroyed or damaged as to be incapable of being restored to its previous condition. Breakages and damage must be reported as soon as possible. The Guest must allow the Company or Owner and/or its agents to enter the Unit to inspect the state of it, on reasonable notice, save in emergency when immediate access must be granted. The Guest must not use the Unit or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to the owner or the Company or to any neighbours. Community regulations must be respected at all times. Smoking is not permitted inside our Units and the Guest and any member of his or her party undertakes not to smoke inside the Unit.

Property Cleanliness:

The Guest agrees to ensure that the Unit is left reasonably clean and tidy (including putting the dishes in the dishwasher, taking garbage to the disposal). The Guest agrees to pay an additional reasonable charge to cover the expense of additional, unusual cleaning required because the Guest fails to comply with this clause.

Family Occupation:

The Agreement is personal to the Guest. The Guest must not use the Unit except for the purpose of a holiday by the Guest and the Guest’s party during the Holiday Period, and not for any other purpose or longer period. The maximum occupancy of the Unit shall not be exceeded. If the Guest wishes to hold any function or celebrations exceeding this limit it must first obtain the written permission of the Company and/or Owner. If permission is granted, an additional charge will be levied.


Should the Guest find on arrival that there is a problem, or cause for complaint, the Guest should immediately contact the Company’s representative. Reasonable steps will then be taken to assist the Guest. The Company will not normally make any refunds in respect of complaints made after the Guest’s departure from the Accommodation if the Guest did not make the complaint or the problem known to the local contact during the holiday. If the Guest wishes to comment on his or her stay a comment/suggestion form may be completed and left in the Accommodation, or alternatively emailed to the Company directly. All complaints made after the Guest’s departure must be made in writing and emailed to the Company and received no later than 7 days after the date of departure.

“VillaSpace” as the intermediary:

“VillaSpace” is the intermediary for the renting of holiday homes and is not the owner of these. All contractual and legal responsibilities and obligations shall therefore rest with the homeowner alone. “VillaSpace” shall safeguard the homeowner’s interests in connection with the completion of the booking. If, contrary to “VillaSpace”‘s expectations, a booking cannot be completed due to reasons beyond “VillaSpace”‘s control, e.g. due to sale by order of the court or due to the homeowner’s breach of contract or similar, “VillaSpace” shall be entitled to cancel the booking, and the rent which has already been paid by the tenant shall be refunded by “VillaSpace” immediately. However, as an alternative and at “VillaSpace”’s own discretion, “VillaSpace” is entitled to offer the tenant another similar holiday home in the same area and at the same price.

Covid-19 Pandemic:

Clients are informed that in case of illness due to Covid-19, or close contact of a positive case of Covid-19, which forces them to be confined and quarantine in the reserved accommodation, the property will be immediately informed by the client.

In case of ending the stay without ending the quarantine, the property will inform the Health Authorities so that customers can be provided with a Covid-19 Hotel where they can stay and end their quarantine.

In the exceptional case that customers could continue in the reserved accommodation until the end of the quarantine, because there was no other reservation, the expenses incurred (stay, cleaning, disinfection, laundry etc.) will be paid by the client.

Both the property and VillaSpace are exempt from any responsibility when, due to force majeure, a reservation is altered by a possible case of Covid-19 that occurred in the clients of the previous reservation.


The owner & ourselves shall have no liability for any death, personal injury or in respect of damage to, or loss of, such personal Property except when it results from either the owner’s or our negligence or that of any employee of the owner or us, providing they were at the time acting in the course of their employment.

Right to Evict:

The Company or Owner and /or its agents reserves the right to ask the Guest and his or her party to leave the property (without compensation being payable to the Guest or any member of his or her party) if this is deemed necessary by the Company and / or its agents where if there is a serious breach by the Guest of the Agreement or their behaviour is such as to endanger the safety of the property or staff. If any complaints are made of anti-social behaviour or unreasonable breakages or damage occurs or smoking restrictions are not observed we shall give the Guest an opportunity to rectify the breach and failure to do so shall entitle the Company or agents to terminate the agreement.


In case of disagreement, the case shall be brought in the jurisdiction area, where the holiday home is located and shall be resolved according to Spanish law, which is agreed between the parties.

Handling of Personal Data:

Personal data provided will be handled by “VillaSpace” (with registered address at Ma-13, 46. Alcudia. Islas Baleares) and will be eventually included in a database in order to comply with our legal obligations, respond to your request and improve our services.

Rectification/Deletion of Personal Data:

In order to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, direct your written request to info@villaspace.net crediting your identity (copy of your Spanish National ID card, Foreigner ID card or Passport). If you prefer, you can exercise your right by sending a letter with your data and a copy of your ID to our address indicated above.

Receiving Information:

Upon sending us their data, whether using the form on this website or by email, the client must authorize “VillaSpace” to send them information about tourism in Mallorca (Majorca) and offers for accommodations. If the client wishes to withdraw from this service, all they must do is send an email from the registered email address requesting to be removed.

Information on Browsing and Cookies:

All webpages belonging to “VillaSpace” make use of tracking systems such as the use of cookies or plugins such as Google Analytics. “VillaSpace” intends to track the behavior of the client on the website in order to improve our services and measure the degree of success in our designs.

Google Analytics, subsidiary of Google Inc., stores this information and makes it available to “VillaSpace” using its analysis tools. Neither Google nor “VillaSpace” will share with third parties any private unauthorized information such as names and IP addresses which identify the client, but they do reserve the right to share the knowledge taken from the browsing mode due to the client browsing the website.

For more information on the policy of Google Inc. in this regard, take a look at their privacy policy (http://www.google.com/intl/es_ALL/policies/privacy/)

Given the need of “VillaSpace” to have this knowledge for its operations, continuing to navigate on our portals after the first access screen is deemed to entail acceptance of the data policy described above.

Type of Contract:

“VillaSpace” offers its clients different ways to rent according to the requirements of the tenant, landlord, spaces and applicable legislation for each case:

Housing contract which to sum up, is regulated by articles 1542 et seq. of the Civil Code of Spain; the rentals of Real Estate are also governed by specific regulations: the Law on Urban Rentals (LAU, in Spanish) and the Farm Tenancy Act (49/2003, LAR in Spanish). Many articles in the Law on Urban Rentals were amended in Law 4/2013 on Measures to Make More Flexible and Promote the Housing Rental Market, 4 published in the Official State Gazette on June 5th 2013.

Seasonal contract when the primary purpose is a use other than one to satisfy the tenant’s permanent need for housing. It shall be governed, according to the will of the parties, or if not, according to that stipulated in the Civil Code (arts. 1, 2.1, 3 and 4.3 LAU). In any case, and in accordance with that established in art. 4.1 LAU, it is imperative that the shared stipulations contained in Title IV (deposit and formalization of the rent) and Title V (rental procedures) of the LAU be applied.

Traveler’s contract when the stay does not fit one of the aforementioned cases. The lodging is one of those considered atypical contracts as they don’t have any regulation of their own, neither in the Civil Code nor in the Commercial Code but with a growth and already extensive Administrative regulation that centers around lodging and renderings related to the same.


All of our prices for accommodation and our additional services include an applicable VAT tax (starting June 2014, 10% for traveler contracts, exempt from VAT for housing contracts, 21% for the rendering of services).

“VillaSpace” manages properties of private owners who do not have the knowledge, capability or interest in managing quarterly VAT declarations and, thus, do not allow Company clients or freelance clients who need an invoice and only allow individual tenants. It is the responsibility of the client to make known their invoicing needs prior to making a reservation.

Further information:

1. In the event of any conflict with these booking conditions and any other written agreement made between the tenant and “VillaSpace”, these booking conditions shall prevail.

2. The holiday homes are subject to availability.

3. “VillaSpace” is not liable for any picture and printing errors.

4. “VillaSpace” has communicated all information in the brochure and on our website as accurately as possible. As the holiday homes are privately owned, changes might occur in the information given. “VillaSpace” shall not be responsible for such changes.

5. “VillaSpace”’s brochures shall apply to all rental periods with the arrival date in the period 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2033.

6. Bookings of a holiday home based on “VillaSpace”’s current brochure or website for a period which begins after 01.01.2023 shall be on the conditions stated on the website which will be available no later than January 2025. “VillaSpace” reserves the right to amend its booking conditions from time to time and any amended booking conditions will be published on the website.

7. Any business use of our brochures or websites, including any reproduction in whole or in part, is prohibited under the current legislation.

Last amendment of terms: 07.28.2023