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–  Ciutat Jardí

Ciutat Jardí

Ciutat Jardí

Ciutat Jardí is situated at five kilometres east from Palma, next to Fortí Torre d’en Pau, a construction which was finished in 1898 in order to defend the bay of Palma from a possible attack by the USA because of the Cuba’s war.
1 – Villa Burguera in Alcudia – 55 Km

Villa Burguera in Alcudia · Mallorca

Villa Burguera in Alcudia

This modern Villa includes a swimming pool and has capacity for 6 guests. It overlooks the historic city walls of Alcudia and a short drive separates it from sandy beaches. A 10 min. walk to Alcudia’s center.

2 – Villa Martina in Sa Pobla – 40 Km

Villa Martina in Sa Pobla · Mallorca

Villa Martina in Sa Pobla

This magnificent house is located in the north of the island, more precisely located between the towns of Muro and Sa Pobla, a few kilometers from Alcudia, which is one of the main municipalities in the north of Mallorca.

3 – Villa Napoli in Alcanada – 55 Km

Villa Napoli in Alcanada · Mallorca

Villa Napoli in Alcanada

Villa Napoli has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 115 metres square, so its optimal for up to 6 people. The property features private swimming pool, free WiFi and air conditioning.

4 – Chalet Baladres in Puerto Alcudia – 50 Km

Chalet Baladres in Puerto Alcudia · Mallorca

Chalet Baladres in Puerto Alcudia

Delightful villa in the northern part of Mallorca, only a few meters off the seashore. This beautiful and modern holiday house is very well-connected to the big municipalities such as Puerto Alcudia or Alcudia.

5 – Villa Loredana in Inca – 30 Km

Villa Loredana in Inca · Mallorca

Villa Loredana in Inca

This amazing villa is located in the heart of Mallorca, where our guest will have ensured a totally calm and non hustle vacations!

6 – Beach House Pink Rose in Son Serra – 55 Km

Beach House Pink Rose in Son Serra · Mallorca

Beach House Pink Rose in Son Serra

In a sports and family environment, you will find this magnificent house called Rose Pink. This house is located in Son Serra, very close to Can Picafort and in front of the beach. You cannot miss the wonderful views from its gigantic terrace!

7 – Villa Na Vissa in Sa Pobla – 40 Km

Villa Na Vissa in Sa Pobla · Mallorca

Villa Na Vissa in Sa Pobla

Up in the hills on the outskirts of Sa Puebla, it is located this extraordinary holiday lodge. It is not only for its views and location that our guest will fall for, but also for the the cozy atmosphere one can feel.

8 – Villa Son Cladera in Muro – 45 Km

Villa Son Cladera in Muro · Mallorca

Villa Son Cladera in Muro

The modernized Villa Son Cladera with 350m² of living space spreads over 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Sleeps up to 10 people. Free WiFi internet connection. Air Conditioning in all bedrooms and living area.

9 – Villa Son Fanals in Alcudia – 50 Km

Villa Son Fanals in Alcudia · Mallorca

Villa Son Fanals in Alcudia

Villa Son Fanals lies in a very quiet area close to Alcudia city and is ideal for cycling holidays if you prefer to be calm and out of hotels mass. It is very easy to go to Pollensa old town and to the tramuntana mountains from the Villa.

10 – Villa Almez in Marratxí – 7 Km

Villa Almez in Marratxí - Mallorca

Villa Almez in Marratxí

The Villa Almez in Marratxí is just a few kilometers from Palma de Mallorca, features a private pool and can comfortably accommodate 4 guests (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom). Free Wifi. Air Conditioning.


Ciutat Jardí


Ciutat Jardí is situated at five kilometres east from Palma, next to Fortí Torre d’en Pau, a construction which was finished in 1898 in order to defend the bay of Palma from a possible attack by the USA because of the Cuba’s war. 

The name comes from one of the developers who wanted to construct a touristic resort of luxury style nearby Palma at the end of the 20th century, and in 1922 the Hotel Ciudad Jardín, in neoarab modernist style, which is still operating. 

The beach is sandy, with little waves, gentle slope and it has on both sides some breakwaters with cylindrical position towers. At some hundred metres you will see in the water some sheltering breakwaters which reduce the swell. 

Every day this sandy area has a massive influx of families and tourists. The most attractive is the easy accessibility and the very good bathing conditions for small children. You can park for free near the beach. The next bus stop is at half a kilometer and there is a cycling lane. 

The water of Ciutat Jardí is good for anchoring if the navigator keeps a reasonable distance from the coast because it is not very deep. The nearest port facilities are located at Club Nàutic Cala Gamba, at 0,6 nautical miles. 

Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the municipal tourism office below: 
Tourist Information – Palma de Mallorca 
General information on the island: 
Tourist Information – Mallorca 

    Ramp for disabled

Municipality information Palma

The municipality of Palma is situated in the southwest of Majorca, and it is the most important municipality in population. The city of Palma is the political, administrative and business centre of the Balearic archipelago. The service sector, tourism and construction lead the economy since the sixties of the 20th century. Quinto Cecilio Metelo founded Palma in 123 BC after conquering Majorca for Rome in order to definitely control the Mediterranean basin. Medina Mayurqa, the Arab name of Palma, was integrated in the omeyan state of Al-Andalus at the beginning of the 10th century. The Christian king Jaume I d’Aragó conquered the island on the 31st of December 1229, calling it Ciutat de Mallorques. In 1230 it became the capital of the Regne de Mallorca. The landscape is characterized by an extensive coastal stretch (with a high rocky western area and a low sandy coast toward east), Serra de Tramuntana (western limit: Pujol des Gat, 510 metres high), the interior of Pla de Palma (northern area, concentration of agricultural land), Pla de Sant Jordi (eastern sector, irrigated agricultural land) and transition areas toward sa Marina de Llucmajor and Pla de Mallorca (eastern end, with some wild and some cultivated high areas). This municipality is irrigated beach some torrents that flow into the sea on its coast, with Torrent de sa Riera flowing through the city centre. 

The cultural variety includes the old town of Palma (Roman, Arab, Jewish vestiges, stately palaces and courtyards), Castell de Bellver (round military fortress of the 14th century, at 112 metres to guard the bay of Palma), la Seu (gothic cathedral with the later intervention of the architect Antoni Gaudí and the painter Miquel Barceló), Palau de l’Almudaina, Convent de Sant Francesc (with the tomb of Ramon Llull), Consolat de Mar (seat of the Govern de les Illes Balears), sa Llotja, Ajuntament de Palma, Consell de Mallorca, Gran Hotel, Palau Solleric, Palau March or Fundació Joan i Pilar Miró, where a big part of the graphic works of Joan Miró are guarded. The municipality has 13 beaches.

Main technical data
  • Length of the beach: 
    450 meters
  • Type of access: 
    For pedestrians
    For vehicles
    For boats
  • Average width: 
    35 meters
  • Access for disabled people: 
  • Degree of occupancy: 
  • Anchoring zone: